We are looking for couples to be our guests on the second season of Esther's groundbreaking new audio series, "Where Should We Begin?" This opportunity is perfect for couples of all types who are dealing with challenges, transitions, and new experiences at any stage of their relationship.

In this original podcast, we sit alongside family and marriage psychotherapist Esther Perel as she guides couples towards a greater understanding of each other, and the issues they struggle with. At the end of each episode, both the couple and the listening audience comes away understanding relationships and sexuality in a way that is true to life..

Esther will offer her observations to each couple, and offer suggestions on how to renew, strengthen, and solve challenges that originally brought them into the office.

Sessions are about 2.5 hours and take place in New York City at Esther's offices. We can't guarantee that every recording will be included in the series, however all session fees are covered by Audible in exchange for participation. 

For guests based outside of NY, flight and hotel accommodations are included.


- Names and identifying features will remain anonymous. 
- Couples will not be photographed.


Couples are required to sign a release form for their recording with Audible.

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